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Senda International is an Emirati firm with legal credentials from the Dubai Department of Economic Development. We specialise in creating the most suitable business strategies based on our clients’ needs and objectives.

Our broad contacts and exclusive networks make it possible for us to offer “Out-of-the-box” solutions and tailor-made strategies, thus ensuring solid connections, foundations and partnerships with private or government sectors in both the GCC and Spain.

Our teams are able to provide each client with a comprehensive service which includes legal advisory, tax consultancy, business expansion strategies and business relocation, as well as fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights

Our mission is to help our clients perform at the highest level in the Middle East and Spain, for both established firms and new companies.

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Business expansion to the Middle East and abroad

Expanding into new markets requires a deep understanding of the cultural, social and business practices in the region. Senda International helps you navigate these barriers by providing in-depth advisory for your business during your expansion and relocation process.

We go the extra mile to localize potential clients.

Emirati local partner

Links to local partners

Senda International has an extensive network of local partners, sponsors and local agents in both the GCC region and Spain. Based on our clients’ needs, we liaise to build connections and bridge the gaps to better serve our clients goals.

Free Zone companies (UAE)

The UAE offers a range of advantages and financial policy incentives for international companies. Making the most use of the Tax status of the country can be advantageous to your business. We analyse your needs and adapt incorporation strategies for your firm to provide the structure that best fits your business profile.