Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their business objectives in a cost-effective and timely method, supporting them along every step, decreasing implementation time, navigating legal challenges associated with incorporation creating tailor-made solutions.
  • Our Vision is to commit and contribute sustainable economies by involving in meaningful projects and corporate relations in the countries where our company operates.

Message from the CEO

Since arriving in Dubai, I have always strived to create solutions that could best benefit the local business community, the Spanish speaking countries and my own country, Spain. Driven by my passion for business and the United Arab Emirates vibrant corporate culture, I foresaw eighteen years ago the country was becoming an international hub for business and trade.

I remember back in the days, how I was able to overcome multiple challenges and hurdles thanks to the unconditional help and support of my Emirati partners and friends. I feel the helpful assistance I received should be something every company has access to, and therefore Senda International was a natural project to undertake in order to make my successful experience available to various firms.

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Senda International, a unique advisory firm with an experienced team servicing an ever-expanding business community. We ensure that our clients are able to accomplish their goals with the least investment and the highest return possible. All our services and offerings support our clients in order to exploit all opportunities that the low-tax environment offers to investors and companies alike.

Unlike other firms, our solutions are not off-the-shelf proposals, but are tailor-made offerings that perfectly suit our clients’ needs. We assist businesses in all phases, from the very first step until the final accomplishment.

Our team can support and inspire those who wish to begin a new chapter in this region as well as in the Spanish speaking countries.

I have to express my gratitude to my local partners and friends, for their continued support and valuable knowledge received, all of which made this company possible.

To our clients: Thank you for welcoming us onboard, I hope we can meet your expectations.

Yours faithfully,
Natalia de la Figuera de Olano
CEO, Senda International

Our Team

We are a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of diverse profiles whose objective is to solve the needs of our client by drafting tailor-made solutions to any given scenario.

Endorsed by eighteen years of experience, we speak Arabic, English and Spanish. We deliver a comprehensive service by providing fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights across all sectors. We specialize in the establishment of companies and provision of business development management.