Services to Foreign Companies

The advantageous strategic location of the United Arab Emirates between Europe, Asia and Africa allows investors and businesses to have quick and easy access to growing markets. Senda International works in making your experience even more beneficial.

In the competitive business environment, it is crucial to have the know-how in-depth understanding of the region as well as right contacts to achieve your goals. Senda has almost two decades experience in its pocket and knowledge in establishing a business in all sectors.

Our fast delivery services allowed us to gain strong brand credibility and recognition in our region as well as in the Spanish speaking countries, making our firm the right partner for you to develop your business in a safe and reliable environment.

Business Development

Senda can be an active member of its clients’ team helping them create sustainable growth through successful expansion into the Gulf countries, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and  Spanish speaking countries.

We target the key areas that drive our clients’ business to the next level, finding the more suitable projects and potential clients.

On-shore companies

  • Senda International has a distinguished network of trusted local partners and sponsors. We ensure that you receive the best arrangement matching your corporate needs.
  • We analyse your business and evaluate which option and partner is the most adequate for your company.
  • Senda will manage all the process of company establishment, providing all services needed until obtaining the trade license. We provide the required business advisory through all the process, including office rental, hiring staff, searching accommodation for your team, and managing visa applications, labour cards and any other services required to establish your company.

Free Zone Companies

Choosing the right Free Zone where to incorporate your business is critical, therefore making the right decision should not be left to chance. We assist you in selecting the right Free Zone Area based on your requirements and commercial activity.

Once your company is established, we assist you with all sorts of queries and needs in order to ensure that your business is smoothly running and that your operations are adapting perfectly to the local business landscape.

Senda International offers the following post-incorporation services:

  • Assisting with the relocation for expatriates.
  • Assisting to open bank accounts.
  • Preparing meeting agendas with clients and partners to build the most suitable network.
  • Selection of local partners for Joint Ventures and commercial agreements to participate in Public and Private Tenders in the Gulf countries.
  • We create tailor made solutions for each client.

Public and Private Tenders

Senda International will ensure that clients are made aware of the tenders related to their activity in the shortest delays, as well as managing their pre-qualification and registration in the required organizations, to be able to participate in both public and private tenders.

Tax and Legal Advisory

Senda International has a strategic alliance with several distinguished law firms. This allows us to offer unparalleled advice to our clients looking for the best legal support services in the Gulf region and Spanish speaking countries.

Real Estate Investments

We represent and advise clients interested in investing in the real estate market in the UAE. The average return of investment in apartments reaches 7%.

The stable regulatory environment guarantees investment protection. We provide all advisory required to manage the process of buying and renting residential and commercial real estate.